Discovering Arts and Music Programs in Alexandria, VA

Explore different arts & music programs available at high schools in Alexandria VA from string orchestras to choirs & jazz bands.

Discovering Arts and Music Programs in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA is a great place to explore a wide range of arts and music programs. From string orchestras to choirs, jazz bands to percussion ensembles, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will take a look at the different arts and music programs available at high schools in Alexandria, VA. The Fine Arts courses offered in Alexandria, VA are designed to help students hone their musical abilities. Students can learn to play instruments such as the guitar, drums, and marimba.

They can also develop their vocal skills by joining the choir or intermediate choir. These courses also teach students how to read music and understand musical terms. Completing these courses should prepare students for placement in the Symphonic Band or Symphony Orchestra. The String Orchestra is offered to students who can successfully play at grades IV and V of the VBODA classification system. Students with advanced gaming experience continue to develop skills such as bending over, playing with their fingers, and reading music with good intonation and rhythm.

Success in this course should lead to participation in the String Orchestra II or the Chamber Orchestra. The Choir is offered to students who want to sing for enjoyment while continuing to develop their musical knowledge and vocal skills. Emphasis is placed on reading the music of the eighth and singing in separate parts. Choir members must perform at winter and spring concerts and at local and district festivals, as determined by the music director. The Guitar course is designed for those who have never played the guitar before. Emphasis is placed on learning to play melodies and some chords.

Students learn the fundamentals of music such as note reading, theory, and related musical knowledge. The course familiarizes students with several styles of music including folk, classical, jazz, and rock. The Contemporary Music course offers an additional option for students taking half-year courses. This course provides students with the opportunity to explore contemporary themes, styles, and genres in the music and music industry. Emphasis will be placed on critical listening skills and music technology. The Percussion Ensemble course is offered to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to successfully interpret both concert and marching percussion repertoire.

As members of this course, students will have the opportunity to learn and play a wide range of percussion instruments. The Symphonic Band participates in school concerts and local, district and regional festivals. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of walking to prepare them for the high school marching band program. In addition to the regular class period, Symphonic Band students usually practice one day a week either before or after school. The Advanced Orchestra course is offered to ninth-grade students who want to continue their studies in orchestral music and improve their performance skills in reverence, fingering and reading music with good intonation and rhythm. This course is offered to students who can successfully play at grade III and IV levels of the VBODA classification system.


Alexandria, VA offers a variety of arts and music programs for high school students.

With these programs, students can develop their musical knowledge while having fun.

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